Meet Our Goddesses - Klementina

We were joined at London Fashion Week February 2020 by international communications and media MA student Klementina to have fun at the shows #lfw, soak up the atmosphere and squeeze in some brunch at Dalloway Terrace (stunning setting, fabulous brunch and impeccable service)

A Gift From The Gods LFW Dalloway Terrace

Hi Klementina. Thanks for joining us for a fashion day in London! Tell us about your studies, your course and where you study?

Hi A Gift From The gods. Thank you very much for the invitation to such an exciting event.

I am currently doing my Masters Degree in Communication and Media Sciences as an academic exchange student in Antwerp, Belgium where I study mostly business, international sales management, google search advertising, product development, marketing and other things related to business.

How was your day at London Fashion Week?

A Gift From The Gods London Fashion Week Klementina

London is one of my favourite cities, it’s always a pleasure for me to visit, especially this time when I could attend this beautiful fashion show. It was so much fun I could not wish for a better day! We started the morning at this beautiful place called Dalloway Terrace where we had brunch. I really liked the decoration with this cozy winter vibe and the cappuccino was very good.  It was much needed on a cold day. Then we went to the fashion show which was held in a Church in the heart of London. The location was perfect for the show, telling  whole story with the models, clothes, music and the venue. After the fashion show I had a bit of time to look around and enjoy London for two hours before my flight.  I wish I could stay longer…

How can you incorporate your day into your studies and what did you learn?

A Gift From The Gods Klementina London Fashion Week

You know, it’s always good to attend these kind of events. It's a great opportunity to meet new people, talk with them, network and understand their business. To learn how they market their collections and use social media. It’s an exciting industry and all this practical experience helps me to build my knowledge. You never know what the future brings to you.

What inspires you to create content for your Instagram profile?

A Gift From The Gods LFW Klementina

I like to share photos from my travels because I travel quite a lot and I think I am very lucky that I had chances to visit lots of amazing places in this beautiful Earth. When I travel, I do share a lot in my Insta stories because I like to document everything, it’s a marketing exercise. Also, I love fashion and I like to post fashion related images. I just hope people who follow me on Instagram they get something back for example inspiration, travel ideas or just where to go for a good coffee.

What are your favourite A Gift From The Gods accessories?

A Gift From The Gods 3 Notebooks

Ohh..this is a hard question. Honestly, I can’t pick just one. I would say my top three is:

A Gift From the Gods pink clear pouch because it looks very cool and when I travel and I use it for my jewelries. It makes my life easier because I see what is there and I don’t have to look for example for my earrings. The other one is A Gift From the Gods pink square cosmetic bag. It has the perfect size for my makeup things, everything fits there and super easy to clean it.  And the last but not least the pocket notebooks. I start my day every morning to write down my to do list and my goals for that day so it is very useful for me. This notebook looks very cute and I love it because it doesn’t matter the size of my bag I can take with me everywhere I go thanks to the perfect size.