Celebrate Mother's Day with Katie Marie Phillips

Hey! I’m Katie, a 29 year old new mum to Cobey from Chester. I’ve been blogging for around eight years now following my love of fashion and sharing it as a teenager on my blog over at www.katiemariephillips.com. My presentation and style has changed so much over the last eight years but my love of fashion still remains my main focus. During this lockdown period, it’s really sparked my creative passion again and, as a new mummy, I’ve adapted my focus to include my little boy and combine this new adventure with my love of style! My blog has grown with my life and I am loving the new direction I’m heading in.

A Gift From The Gods has asked me to share some of my tips on being a new (very busy!) mum for Mother’s Day.

satin purple pyjamas

What was it like to be pregnant and give birth during covid?

Being pregnant throughout a worldwide pandemic has been something which no new mum plans for and has been a tough and busy challenge within itself. I spent the whole of my pregnancy shielding at home through fear of safety for my unborn baby. It was scary at times and also a little heart-breaking as no-one even got to see my bump in real life!

Hospital visits were also a little daunting without having Cobey’s dad there with me to support me through all those vital appointments. It was bittersweet watching Cobey wriggle round on the screen knowing his dad wouldn’t be able to see this. But we’re grateful to all the staff who reassured us and worked so hard to keep us safe during those visits.

There was one massive benefit to being pregnant during lockdown and that was being able to work from home. During those first nervous twelve weeks this was a bonus! The extra hour in bed and avoiding the commute and being able to live in pyjamas was a real treat.

Being a mum on the go, do you always make lists and plan?

I’m a big list lover! I make lists for cleaning, to do lists, shopping lists and even meal prep lists. My love of stationery definitely comes in handy here as I refuse to start the day without at least one list being made.

I love a weekly planner for planning out our meals. It helps keep me focused, helps with our budget planning and also ensures we’re not eating the same things over and over again. I love the girly design of this weekly planner https://agiftfromthegods.com/collections/stationery/products/a-gift-from-the-gods-calligraphy-hearts-pink-weekly-planner and it looks super cute in my kitchen where I can see it every day to ensure we stick to our meal plans.


I refuse to leave the house without a mini notebook. I carry one in Cobey’s changing bag, I have one in the car and I always have to have one on the bedside table - I find all my ideas come to me right before bed so I have to note them down before I forget. For me a pack of 3 notebooks is the easiest option https://agiftfromthegods.com/collections/stationery/products/a-gift-from-the-gods-polka-dots-white-set-of-3-mini-notebooks I am never without one and I can keep one in each of my favourite spots. The white design also goes with my white pram and changing bag - another thing I LOVE to match!

The biggest thing I can suggest to new mums is buy yourself some gorgeous new stationery. Taking that gorgeous new pen out of your hospital bag to jot down those first feelings when you see your precious bundle of joy or even to write your needs down you feel so much more organised. I couldn’t have my changing bag without a pen and I love that this one matches ours https://agiftfromthegods.com/collections/stationery/products/a-gift-from-the-gods-geo-white-pen


If you have a new mummy friend in your circle, buying the gift of stationery is something not many think of but it’s one thing I couldn’t live without - smart phones are great but does anything actually beat writing things down? We still write out our bottle amounts and nappy changes - and great for night feeds as we can leave each other messages without waking each other up - the little things hey! This set is super cute to gift https://agiftfromthegods.com/collections/stationery/products/a5-journal-pen-set-pink-hope

What are your tips for relaxing in style and comfort with baby?

I find that with such a long lockdown comfort is key. Especially with a new-born it’s so important to be comfy. I love satin pjs for this. They look like you’ve made an effort but they are so easy to relax in. A button-down front jacket is amazing for those skin to skin moments that your baby needs and the satin feels like a real luxury on both mine and Cobey’s skin.

I love these satin pjs - https://agiftfromthegods.com/collections/sleepwear/products/a-gift-from-the-gods-purple-shorts-satin-pjs. If there’s one thing to treat yourself to as a new mum, I suggest invest in some nice pjs. Especially for after birth. You want to make yourself feel amazing and for me some new pjs always make me feel a million dollars! The button detailing is also great for feeding.

satin pjs

It’s definitely true you can never have too many pyjamas, especially with a new baby! I’ve needed to invest in so many more and I keep blaming Cobey but one more set won’t hurt - right?

What are your recommendations for keeping your family inspired and motivated during lockdown restrictions and your hopes for the future?

I would be lost without my pram. Every day I plan for an hour’s walk. To feel the fresh air and to have a reason to get up and leave the house. This helps us build a healthy daily routine and to get us out and about in a safe manner. A walk around the local park helps keep me focused for when brighter days are coming. And they are nearly here.

I’m most looking forward to being able to explore the world with Cobey and my family. To take him out to the zoo, to a little farm nearby and to go to baby classes and meet other mums and babies. We have hopes to travel at some point but it’s made us realise, as a family we’re much more grateful to be able to do the smaller and simpler things in life right now.

What do you wish for on Mother’s Day?

It will be my first Mother’s Day as a new mummy and I’m most looking forward to being with my boys. To spend the day in our pjs soaking up all the new-born snuggles. I really have learnt during Covid that it’s so important to treasure those smaller special moments. I feel super lucky to have my little family and I couldn’t wish for anything more - although a hot cup of tea in bed wouldn’t go a miss ;)